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Job type: Industrial Design Engineer Job title: Industrial Design Engineer
Recruitment: 2 Gender: Unlimited
Working property: Full time Salary range: Discuss Personally
Educational requirements: Bachelor Degree or above Working area: ShangHai
Resume language: English , Chinese Work Department:
Working years: 3 years above Age requirements: 25-35
Release date: 2016-12-15 Closing date:
Position mark:

1. Participate and research project plan of new product development before, and formulate the project design for new products;
2. Responsible for market and customer demand information and process;
3. Responsible for new product appearance design, rendering, and components of the structure design, including page propaganda, installation atlas and parts design document writing;
4. Participate new product sample preparation, testing, final design perfect products;
5 .Assist purchasing department for material purchasing;
6 .Participate customer negotiation and sales technical support;

Job description:
Capacity requirements:

1.Familiar with the appearance and structure design of industrial products and consumer electronics products;
2.Understanding of new energy or construction industry related product standards and specifications;
3.Be familiar with new product development process and preliminary project management experience;
4.Master more than 2 kinds of 3D development software, such as: Rhino, Solidworks, Pro-E, Photoshop, 3DMax, CAD and other software;

Other instructions:

Good English reading and writing skills