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Job type: Process Engineer Job title: Process Engineer
Recruitment: 2 Gender: Unlimited
Working property: Full time Salary range: Discuss Personally
Educational requirements: Bachelor Degree or avove Working area: ShangHai
Resume language: English , Chiness Work Department:
Working years: 3 Years above Age requirements: 25-35
Release date: 2016-12-16 Closing date:
Position mark:

1. Responsible for new process flow to promote the implementation, monitoring process;
2. According to the product technical requirements, process scheme, process flow, tooling/fixture design, preparation of quality control points of process documents, instructions and other documents;
3. Responsible for tracking of photovoltaic module production line, the stability of production, measurement and analysis;
4. Responsible for process production technology research and development and improvement;
5. Be responsible for all kinds of process plan design , sample making, data collection, data analysis, the conclusion summarizes the work and so on;
6. Responsible for the quality control of production line, analyze the quality problem, find out the quality control key points, and gives the solution;

Job description:
Capacity requirements:

1.Familiar with photovoltaic industry, especially the module related technologies;
2.Have mechanical/electrical CAD drawing, design and development ability;
3.Good ability of data statistics and analysis;

Other instructions:

1.Strong practice ability;
2.Strong English reading and writing ability;
3.Familiar with OFFICE software;