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Job type: Mechanical Structure Engineer Job title: Machine Structure Design Engineer
Recruitment: 2 Gender: Unlimited
Working property: Full Time Salary range: Discuss Personally
Educational requirements: Bachelor Degree or Above Working area: ShangHai
Resume language: English, Chinese Work Department:
Working years: 3 years above Age requirements: 25-35
Release date: 2017-01-10 Closing date:
Position mark:

1. Participate and research project plan of new product development, responsible for the mechanical design of new energy products, including spare parts, the comprehensive solutions;
2. Responsible for combined with finite element analysis and the actual experimental results, the optimization of product design, to ensure product reliability and structure design of differentiation.
3. Responsible for material selection and technical requirements documents, products detail drawing and assembly drawing, and according to the tests and usage to modify drawings and maintenance;
4. Participate new product production process, product test fixture design, write, test files, and the test report;
5. Participate in system project debugging and commissioning of the project;

Job description:
Capacity requirements:

1.Be familiar with machining, mechanical, plastic molding process and structure design;
2.Understand the related standards and technical specifications, have certain knowledge of related materials;
3.Be familiar with the module, controller, inverter and battery performance and applications.
4 Skillfully use of CAD, Solidworks, PROE software for mechanical design;

Other instructions:

1.Assist purchasing department for material procurement;
2.Participate in customers negotiation and sales technical support work;
3.Strong English reading and writing ability;