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Turn all building skin into green electricity generators -SUNMAN’s eArche at PV EXPO OSAKA 2016

On Sep. 6, the 4th Int'l Photovoltaic Power Generation System Expo Osaka started at Osaka, Japan. Sunman (Hong Kong) Limited and their Japan’s general agent Japan Housing Service Co.,Ltd. brought their unique product eArche to the Expo.


SunMan have developed new patented materials and an encapsulation process resulting in the many special features of the eArche products. eArche enjoys the same high output power as conventional crystalline silicon modules together with the flexibility of thin-film modules. Ultra-light weight, flexibility and other features make eArche a good solution to a broad range of solar applications, such as installation on surfaces that are curved, lightweight, or mobile. Meanwhile, the eArche product series can be handled, transported, and installed easily. What is more important is that eArche can be seamlessly integrated with building surfaces and architectural applications, such as curved surfaces, tilted surfaces, facade, sun shed and so on. That is why SunMan has the coined the slogan of eArche: Turning all building skins into green electricity generators.


eArche panels have been used in a series of pilot projects in Japan, Australia, China and Thailand, such as the rooftop and facades of buildings, carports, the top surface of buses, and some mobile applications. According to the feedback of SunMan customers, eArche products can easily be applied to various industries such as architecture and building construction, transportation, agriculture and remote area applications. eArche products are intended to change the way how solar is deployed in the market, making solar energy more accessible and affordable to all.

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About Sunman (Hong Kong) Limited

SunMan was founded by a group of individuals who share a great passion for the environment, for human society and for mother earth. SunMan is committed to establishing total energy independence through developing innovative, cost-effective and reliable solar energy products, thereby making solar energy affordable and available to all. The SunMan team has a combined experience of over 100 years in the fields of technology development and commercialization of solar energy and power electronics. SunMan's mission is to change the way solar is deployed in the market through developing new materials and products.