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The eLight System is an innovative solution as a portable, reliable, and convenient resource for lighting, charging and some other applications.


Power mode I: high efficient LED up to 50 Lumen, last for 20 h.

Power mode II: high efficient LED up to 100 Lumen, last for 10 h.


5V USB output power bank for cellphone, MP3 and some other small electronic devices.

Advanced system

High performance Li-ion battery and advanced system design leads to a longer life-time.


The small volume, light-weight and solar-powered design make it can be used in the field such as home, camping, fishing, boating, and emergency.

SPECS (eLight)
Components Items Specification
Battery Capacity 3.6 V 2000 mAh
Lamp Adjustable 50/100 lumen high SMD LED beads
Life-cycle of fully charged battery Mode 1: up to 20 h / Mode 2: up to 10 h
Charging Time Solar module: 5.5 h / 5V 1A: 2.5 h
Weight 115 g
Dimensions 70*70*98 mm
PV Panel
Electricity Parameter 6V 2W poly-crystalline solar panel
Weight 310 g (with 3 m cable)
Dimensions 138*128*17 mm