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Facts speak丨Modules Quick-Bonded To The Roof Withstand Typhoon

Release Time:2021-08-06

“Is Quick-bonding or Gluing a safe and reliable way to Install a solar panel ? "

One of the top 3 customer FAQs regarding eArc. A recent project that has survived Typhoon In-Fa can put all doubts to rest.

Shanghai was greatly affected by the recent typhoon In-Fa. However, on a local factory roof where eArc modules were installed 4 years ago, the panels did not get detached or blown off. In fact, this on-grid project has withstood many typhoons and snowfall over the last 4 years, a testament to the reliability of quick-bonding as an installation method.

What's the science behind this?

Firstly, Quick bonding allows eArc to be attached closely to the roof. The close gaps between the module and the roof makes it difficult for the panel to be torn off by uplift forces.


Secondly, Quick-Bonding allows the eArc module to be bonded to the roof with strips of butyl tape or silicone glue, reducing the risk of concentrated point-load pull forces associated with fixing panels with screws.


The third and most important fact is that the bonding strength provided by gluing is often underestimated. Take a frequently used quick-bonding configuration as an example: in a laboratory a bonding surface of 6 square centimeters can withstand a tensile force of over 2000N. In real life, the bonding surface of each eArc module is greater than 60 square centimeters. By contrast, traditional screw mounting is tested at a pull force at only 1000N.

(Quick-bonding installation on Tin roof video)

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